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Launch your digital initiatives, we perform active listening at first contact

In an ever more connected world, digital transformation represents  the undisputed lever that makes businesses still competitive and in line with customers’ expectations.

Digital transformation has become a compulsory figure in a more connected world. Advising companies with a global approach of workforce, processes and the technology becomes essential.

Our engagement

>> Advising and caring for your projects all the way down from the idea to the operational solution.



Co-construction while staying focused on the clients’ needs

In the digital universe, the idea weights less than its execution.

The software skill characterises the organizations that innovate but also the speed of the setup of the technology and the ability to quickly co-build the solution with the client.

The applications relies on virtualised infrastructures –storage, backup, security, networks, servers – widely software-defined in modern datacenter.

Nowadays, this multiple software layers architecture  should be mastered at every level of the information system, from the applications to the foundation of the datacenter. 

Among our latest original realisations:

  • mobile payment of parking
  • « spare parts » e-commerce platform for an equipment manufacturer
  • tracking of moving assets 
  • connected devices monitoring platform..

Our engagement

>> Enable you to develop software solutions, then integrate them in an existing Information system and, in the end, operate smoothly what becomes a backbone of the operational continuity of your businesses.

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Expertise Run Kh-Corporate


Operate your innovative apps at ease

To face the digital transformation’s challenges, Kh-corporate supports you, from A to Z, to maintain, service and manage all the elements of your infrastructure.

With the support of the « Kh-Alliance » partner network, our everyday mission is to reach the best uptime standards for your information system and provide groundbreaking tools to govern the obsolescence of technological components.

Kh-Corporate provides a set of solutions in support of your current infrastructures in order to master tomorrow’s hybrid infrastructures

Our engagement

>> Managing, supervising and securing you information system in real time and seamlessly



Adopt the new usages that create value

The implication of your teammates is crucial to carry a change policy out in your company.

Integrate the « Kh-Corporate » conduct of change to your digital initiatives, thanks to the global approaches of our multidisciplinary teams.

We work with our customers by successive iterations to put them in the permanent learning’s virtuous circles to improve data, treatments and usages continually.

Guaranteeing the realisation of a solution on time, in accordance with budgets and expectations of your business processes stays at the center of the goal, we keep the best of design thinking and agile approach without compromise.

The conduct of change is a science that connects psychology, strategy and the art of communication.

Our engagement

>> Focus your energies and initiative spirit around solutions that lastingly generates value.

Expertise Change Kh-Corporate
Expertise Sécurité Kh-Corporate


Manage your protection against the current and future threats

The digital security is a major challenge, in our massively connected world (remote working, data volume, internet of things).

The threats constantly evolve, whereas the technical and regulatory pressions become increasingly strong.

For a decade, Kh-Corporate, specialist in the field of infrastructures, knew of to create a real expertise to better secure all the components of the information systems.

Our mission is to protect your infrastructures, your applications, your network and ultimatly your data.

Now is the time to protect your company a step further.

Our engagement

>> Protecting your information system and ensuring the continuity of your activities



Train your collaborators to capture new opportunities quicker

In an ever more connected world, digital transformation represents the indisputable lever that make them still competitive and in line with the customers’ expectations.

It has become an imposed figure in an ever more connected world.

Advising the companies with a global approach of living forces, processes and technology then become essential.

Our engagement

>> Offering a training system preferably centered on the user later on the content.

Expertise Formation Kh-Corporate