Kh-Corporate led the change for Orléans Gestion Val de Loire Evénements with the support of a unique representative to transform the processes, the information technology resources and to execute the services as a whole with a measured budgetary framework.

Orléans Gestion is specialised in the management and the development of public equipments and Orléans Val de Loire Événements is focused on serving professionals for public events taking place in the City.

In 2017,  Directors of Orléans Gestion noted a great disparity within the operational processes and the information system. This is the true backbone of these companies with various missions that has to be transformed.

« The flexibility and the honesty that we benefited from the team of Kh-Corporate was truly appreciated. We are pleased from the relation that was built with them but also from the solutions that were brought, which were real everyday life's facilitators. »
Olivier ROUET
Managing Director of Orléans Gestion

The needs of Orléans Gestion and Orléans Val de Loire Evénements

Engaging a change management track with the support of a unique representative to transform operational processes, the IT resources and executing the whole services in a measured budgetary framework.

The benefits of the solution: lead a large digital transformation, focused on the essential needs of the various job positions of Orléans Gestion

>> The key

Guaranteeing the service’s continuity during the project

Initiate the transformation with concrete intermediate results, visible by all actors.

>> Human centric

Put the stakeholders on the progress’ trajectory that allows to restore the trust in the goals to reach and the inter-services collaboration.

>> The actions

Assist the integration of the information system manager, embodying the will to design a cross-disciplinary information system.

Deploying a common framework for investment questions and operating  budgets, as a protector of the overall optimisation effort.

For Orléans gestion, the new IT infrastructure has become a real advantage to serve its strategy and operational processes.

Kh-Corporate positioned itself on a set of complementary monitoring missions:

  • training collaborators
  • crafting new designs for the information system’s infrastructure
  • reducing exposure to digital hazards, enhancing security and framing conformity risks
  • reducing operating costs and improving quality of services
  • put in writing reference documentation to secure operation managers.
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