Putting technology to work for people

Meeting the challenges of ESG criteria

Preserving the future of our world


Acting for digital & sustainable transformation

Kh-Corporate combines its expertise in hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, business application modernization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to meet the challenges of ESG, environmental, social and governance criteria facing companies.

Our strengths

How are we different?

Human First: Kh-Corporate puts technology and innovation at the service of people.

As a scout for talent, technologies, uses and nuggets, Kh-Corporate detects and participates in the growth of technologically innovative and ethical companies, and drives the adoption of technologies and concepts such as Artificial Intelligence.

Kh-Alliance©: Our multi-faceted, cooperative approach amplifies the impact of our actions by uniting partners at the cutting edge of innovation and ethics. This collective dynamic enables us to cover IT and ESG issues from upstream to downstream.

Preserve©: As citizens of this planet, we, the founders of Kh-Corporate, aspire to contribute with our energy and skills to preserving the future of our world.

Our team

4 founders pioneers in IT and ESG

Éric Marie

With over 20 years as an executive director in Information Technology with double-digit growth targets, he has been in charge of teams of over 100 employees and in different territories.

Éric shares Seneca’s motto: « It’s not because things are difficult that we don’t dare, it’s because we don’t dare that they are difficult ».

Éric loves learning, sharing and setting a course. He brings his skills and energy in sustainable business transformation, team management, product or service creation…

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Chloé Noël

With over 15 years’ experience in ESNs where she held positions as Sales Director, General Manager and 5 years with a software publisher, in 2023 she joined Kh-Corporate, which embodies her values: cooperation, sustainability, trust.

Let’s act beyond
what we perceive!

Chloé is intrinsically people-oriented

As the mother of two daughters, Chloé is committed to taking action on tomorrow’s challenges, and offers her skills in management, organizational transformation and ESG issues.

Take action and transform your organization!

Thierry Mottin

With solid experience in the IT sector, he has been in charge of Business Development since 2019. A pioneer in customer-focused innovation, he seeks out new technological offerings.

A visionary, Thierry anticipates the universal accessibility of artificial intelligence and the imperative of a responsible digital transition.

Thierry excels in identifying your solutions for the future, understanding the crucial issues in innovation and business transformation.

Reinvent your practices and adopt the technologies of tomorrow!

Yrieix Semichon 

Passionate about new technologies, with 30 years’ experience in project management, team management and solutions architecture, he is also the father of a large family, a Ocean lover, calm and pragmatic in any situation.

For Yrieix, every problem has a solution! Everything can be automated to increase efficiency tenfold. Nothing is impossible to a valiant heart.

Yrieix knows how to simplify and make intelligible the issues surrounding infrastructure, data management, application modernization and AI.

Optimize and sustainably transform your IT!