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Low-code, artificial intelligence & agility

Transform your data infrastructure

Transform© by Kh-Corporate

Integrating your business & IT challenges

Transform© emerges from our areas of expertise for sustainable digital transformation and is available in 3 tailor-made solutions: KhTALENT4U, KhSAFE4U, KhCREATE4U.

KhTALENT4U© guides your digital transformation strategies

Kh-Corporate advises you on your business digital transformation strategies, and supports you in the audit, strategy definition and project management phases.

People play a central role in tomorrow’s IT challenges:

  • human-machine interaction,
  • digital ethics,
  • support and training.

KhSAFE4U© protects your data and optimizes your information processing infrastructures

At Kh-Corporate, we understand that data management is at the heart of every company’s challenges.

Faced with questions such as: “Where is my data? How is my data quality?”, as well as issues of compliance (RGPD and others), sovereignty and security, our solutions offer a comprehensive and proactive response:

  • Cloud-Hybrid Infrastructure: resilient infrastructures to guarantee optimum efficiency and security for data, whether active or archived.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity: to protect your data against cyber risks, while ensuring governance with peace of mind.
  • Data Quality Management: ensure that your data is accurate and accessible to meet compliance requirements with complete confidence.

Our solutions are available via Kh-Financement and Realease Capital, offering the possibility of buying or leasing according to your needs – because « Agility is priceless, it can be leased! »

KhCREATE4U© modernizes your business applications: low-code, artificial intelligence, agility

Because at Kh-Corporate, we understand that every business is unique, in a world where standardized solutions fail to meet your expectations and all-in-one software can’t cover all your specific needs.

You aspire to offer your customers highly customized solutions: with KhCREATE4U©, we turn this aspiration into reality.

Our expertise in business application modernization and green AI will revolutionize your business processes. Our customized support enables you to accelerate your deployment or simply optimize your existing software.

At Kh-Corporate, we don’t just advise: we co-construct with you.

Together, we can transform your data infrastructure into a secure, high-performance asset, and bring your business into the age of digital responsibility.