As part of the extension of the smart tags’s applications developed by Paragon ID, Kh-Corporate has formed a task force around the international deployment capacity of this manufacturer, leader of RFID solutions. The combined experience of multiple actors makes the global offering more attractive and secured within an ecosystem of innovative companies.

Paragon ID, through the success of its business line Track & Trace in the air transportation field, wishes to extend the applications of its RFID smart tags.

For the airline companies, air cargo has become in a few months a way to face the sanitary crisis’ effects. This opportunities’ market asks for a great adaptability of offers, data are strategic to bring this commercial and operational flexibility.

The need for traceability of the mobile materials used in the air cargo business is nothing new but the deployment of the solutions still faces numerous obstacles.

Needs of Airline companies

Several challenges to approach this opportunity Track& Trace and draw the market’s attention.

The first challenge for Kh-Corporate was to constitute in a record time a focus group around a manufacturer with capacity for an international deployment.

The second challenge was to define the principle of an original solution while enhancing the cumulative experience of multiples actors within an ecosystem of innovating companies.

Kh-Corporate led this interest group to keep the client’s voice in the middle of the ecosystem.

The co-building of the first bricks with the field specialists is a digital transformation. It is the client that determines the creation of value associated with each features of the solution.

The contribution of Kh-Corporate

The key factors of success owe a lot to an active listening of the filed operators confronted on a daily basis to various challenges encountered in the air cargo industry:

  • a cost structure compatible with the habits and the economic conditions of the sector
  • simplicity, security and robustness of the technological choices
  • a customer centric approach for an active and sustainable listening
  • a virtuous loop approach, using the lean method to facilitate the adoption by the users.

For Paragon ID, this approach advocated by Kh-Corporate has become a strong asset in its innovation and go to market strategy.