Kh-Corporate has developed this all-in-one software app and identified a specialized partnership in the IT services field, offering the capacity to create and generate a service catalog endorsed by the whole salesforce of this large Fujitsu subsidiary.

As part of its policy of customer satisfaction, the manufacturer Fujitsu France has the ambition to identify performing solutions in the service delivery field for its final customers.

The main objective is to identify a specialized partner in the field of professional services, offering the capacity to create and manage a service catalog endorsed by the sales department of the company.

Needs of Fujitsu France

For several years, Kh-Corporate has developed its expertise around customer relationship and all in one solution. Thanks to its abilities and knowledge of several IT job positions, we have been able to develop the right tools to match the needs of Fujitsu France.

The strict observation of deadlines and an adapted responsiveness in the establishment of these solutions have represented key elements that have perfectly satisfied the support department of the manufacturer.

The contribution of Kh-Corporate

« The listening of needs, the development of a made to measure solution and the right service commitment have been the key factors for success. A specific project management and especially crafted for the set of issues experienced by such an IT manufacturer, have been executed by the members of Kh-Corporate team. This custom type of services has let Fujitsu’s workforce improve its productivity and optimise the final customer satisfaction without altering the continuity of operations » says Christophe BRINCAT, Chief executive of Kh-Corporate.

« The company Kh-Corporate has exercised great maturity. The skills and the pro-activity of the staff are high standards. I was looking for a provider capable of understanding, managing and following the special activities while bringing a certain quality of response to our customers »
Manager Service Partner
& Warranty Manager of Fujitsu
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