Danitis, talent management and outsourcing firm, has entitled Kh-Corporate to ensure its compliance to GDPR rules coming into effect May 25th, 2018. Thanks to the methodology of the Kh-Corporate experts, a map of processing threads has been extracted to establish a protection plan for the large volume of personal data such recruitment occupation has to cope with.

The needs of Danitis regarding data protection

Danitis, talent management and outsourcing firm, hired Kh-Corporate to ensure its GDPR compliance.  Kh-Corporate experts came up with an exhaustive map of processing streams, and then a protection  plan has been established to cope with this continuous flow of sensitive data.

Personal data protection in general is a growing concern because of the huge amount of information that are store and accessed on a daily basis. Reenforcing the rights of persons, empowering the actors using data are the great challenges of digital in terms of security.  

Thanks to the methodology of the Kh-Corporate experts, a comprehensive cartography has been extracted to establish a data protection plan.

« Being positioned on the ethical vector has always been important to us. It is a real gain in credibility, especially in a market such as ours where data are a real gold mine. The Kh-Corporate team has driven us step by step in this new mindset and has let us bring our clients a sign of confidence and an additional engagement.»
Jean-Charles DISTAIN
Founder & Manager of Danitis

The contribution of Kh-Corporate

« At Kh-Corporate, we are deeply involved in all the intrications linked with the protection and surveillance of data, this is why we have been pleased to collaborate with Danitis in order to be useful to  them at best in the implementation of their conformity », explains Eric MARIE, CEO of Kh-Corporate.

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