Kh-Corporate has always considered the customers’ needs as a top priority.

For 10 years, our clients were looking for a trustworthy partner, focused on results and easy to collaborate with, but furthermore a partner with technological expertise and service commitments to realize their vision.

« Digital transformation is not only a matter of technology,
it is also and overall a human adventure. »

Thanks to our  100% customer centric approach, perfectly structured to learn and caring for knowledge, our clients benefit from a proactive engagement experience from A to Z. 

In two words, Innovate & Care.

Adn de Kh-Corporate

The DNA of Kh-Corporate

Digital service company, independent and with a strong added value. We are known for our proactive engagement from A to Z. Simply said, Innovate and Care.

Beyond teams’ talent, our common strength is rooted in a unique culture:

Our vision

>> Our company’s global project engages us in a responsible approach which is declined around 4 strategic axis:

  • grow as a responsible employer,
  • remain a trustworthy partner,
  • stay a learning company,
  • seek for value providing projects.

    The project owners

    The Kh-Corporate’s founders winning combination

    Éric Marie  

    Éric MARIE  began his career in Canada at a consulting firm. In France, he held several operational management positions at Xerox, General Electric Capital, Autodesk, and Fiducial Informatique.

    Learn, work efficiently,
    and connect with real personalities.

    Éric has strong expertise and can speak on the following topics:

    • business transformation
    • business creation and acquisition
    • people management.
    Thierry Mottin
    Directeur associé

    Thierry MOTTIN began his career at Xerox, Sun Microsystems, and Microsoft.
    Since 2019, he has been in charge of Business Development.

    Convinced early on that the customer should be at the heart of all concerns.

    Thierry can speak on topics related to information technology:

    • trends in a post-pandemic world 
    • future solutions 
    • challenges in terms of innovation and business transformation.
    Yrieix Semichon
    Services director

    True passionate of new technologies, Yrieix Semichon is our service manager and strive for delivering the right solution to the customer’s needs.

    Offering the right service and developing the customer’s experience.

    Yrieix can speak on the following fields: 

    • driving and coordination of the Kh-Alliance teams
    • support methodology
    • measuring customer satisfaction

    Our customers voted for it: « A lasting global accompaniment during any digital transformation. »
    The DNA of the company: Innovate & Care.